Know-how to choose Kitchen Countertop

Know-how to choose Kitchen Countertop

While building a new home or redecorating your home, choosing a Kitchen Countertop is one important decision. Whenever you are renovating, you would need to ask a thousand people or search through brochures to understand what would suit your best. Most interior decorators make the decision based on design of your home, your furniture and the overall looks that you desire. Certain options include laminate top, glass top, granite and marble tops. Classiest looks can be achieved through glass and laminate but they are not so strong. Marble and granite are the strong options.

Appearance of the kitchen countertop

One of the important factors that help to decide a countertop is patterns and beauty. The major criteria for choosing the tops are beauty and strength but modern homes stress only on beauty. Granite is a beautiful option for countertops as the grains appear in it and after polishing they look even better. The granite specks grains appear on the stone which increase the overall appearance of your home. The specks are available in various colours. Granite slabs consists of a variety of shades; available in medium to dark shades. Marble is lighter with larger patterns and it has consistent colors. Laminates are available in a variety of great colors.

Hardness of the countertop material

The best option for kitchen countertop in terms of hardness is granite, next is marble. Laminates are medium in terms of hardness but get scratched easily. Marble and granite are more resistant to chips and scratches and are heat resistant too. Both stone countertops are quite durable. They are properly sealed and the seals should be maintained as both the stones are porous and the liquids will penetrate without a seal.

Installation & Maintenance

A Kitchen Countertop Contractor lorton could give you better details about all options but maintenance wise, quartz, laminate, ceramic tile or glass tiles score low while the stones are better options. Marble requires more maintenance than granite as marble needs extra care with sealing and you would need to wipe up the spills quickly. The costs of all the stones depend on the complexity of the job. The number of seams and the corners in the space will also be considered in the cost. The installation costs depend on the overall set up of the space and this will have an impact on the overall countertop costs. Getting estimates from countertop contractors is a good idea. Always look for the installers who are most skilled and experienced.

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