What Is The Difference Between Hair Extensions And Weaves?

What Is The Difference Between Hair Extensions And Weaves?

Hair extensions and hair weaves are both in trend. Here we will highlight the difference between the two to put your basic concerns to rest so when the next time you ask for weaves or hair extensions in salon, you ask confidently.

Hair Weaves

A weave is a kind of hair extension where hair wefts are sewn into braided hair. The outstanding after results have greatly popularized hair weaves. Styling weave hair is a diverse art as well, with bespoke wigs that have a diverse range of color, texture, and volume to choose from.

To achieve this look, human hair or synthetic hair is used. They alter the appearance by adding hair to already present ones using a hair cap.

Advantages Of Hair Weave

The advantages of a hair weave are plenty. They contribute greatly to add volume to hair. Ladies with thinning hair can benefit the most from this technique.

Hair weaves can induce trendy colors into the hair without using harsh colorants to dye hair.

Another potential advantage of hair weaves is that they don’t involve any adhesives to join the extensions to the hair. The wearer is at liberty to frequently change hair color, texture, and design.

Disadvantages Of Hair Weave

As with all cosmetic techniques, this technique has its drawbacks too. If the technician has braided the weaves tightly, it will cause rapid hair loss or headaches, or inflammation in the hair roots. Therefore the technician needs to braid the weave properly and secure it along the scalp.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions mean natural or synthetic hair attached to the hair with the help of some adhesive or hair clips to secure them. Around 100 to 300 hair extensions are applied to a person’s hair to make it look natural. So you can imagine the labor and time involved in this process.

Advantages Of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great asset for people with thin hair or those who are suffering from alopecia. They work great with short hair as well. The procedure can also be carried out safely at home.

Disadvantages Of Hair Extensions

This procedure has its pitfalls too. Though the scalp is durable and can support even the heaviest of manes, a sudden increase in hair won’t work well with the scalp causing headaches or muscular strains. Sometimes it may take weeks to adjust to this additional weight. This weight can lead to unnecessary pull of natural hair triggering hair damage.

 Difference Between A Weave And An Extension

Unless someone has seen you with your natural hair, they won’t be able to make out if you’ve had a weave on or an extension since they don’t vary much. All weaves are extensions but not all extensions are weaves.

It’s up to you whether you want a weave or an extension. It depends on your styling preferences along with your preference for thicker, longer, fuller hair. The longevity of hair also matters as hair extensions are more durable.

Tips On Having Great Hair Weaves

While synthetic hair is readily available and economical too, it is advisable to go for natural hair. It sits well with natural hair corresponding to the movement and overall health. The more you invest in your hair the more outcomes you will reap.

Take proper care of your hair weave. Oil them often. Wash them daily to remove any build-up and deep condition afterward. Remember that your basic motive is to keep your natural hair as healthy as possible.

There are numerous colors to choose from so pick one that fits your hair color and skin tone simultaneously. Even if you purchase a high-quality weave but don’t attach it properly, it won’t deliver the desired results.

Tips On Having Great Hair Extensions

As stated earlier, buy natural hair and don’t get tempted to buy the cheaper variants.

Oil, shampoo, and condition your hair religiously. Use combs and brushes that are made especially for hair with extensions. As your extensions are joined using adhesives, avoid high heat styling irons. Blow-dry at a lower temperature.

Choose extensions that will suit your skin and hair’s natural tone to avoid sharp color contrasts.

So this was our take on hair extensions and weaves. Ponder thoroughly before going to salons that do hair extensions Potomac.

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