Top 6 Ways to Care for Hair Extensions

Top 6 Ways to Care for Hair Extensions

About hair extensions

The hair extensions are artificial hair, which is attached with natural hair to make hair look longer and more stylish. These artificial hair extensions are either made up of natural human hair, synthetic material or combination of both. Whether you wear hair extensions made up of synthetic material or natural human hair, you will require paying attention over regular maintenance to expand the lifetime of your hair extensions. Considering what you will pay for your hair extensions, it is imperative to take extra care to make them look healthy and lustrous as long as possible.

Hair extensions care tips:

#1: Consult with hairstylist: Tell your hairstylist that you are interested in wearing Keratin fusion extensions, other others. Let him or her analyze your hair to ensure that your hair is in good enough condition to bear the hair extension. If you have dry or thin hair, it cannot hold hair extension. Thus, improve your hair quality first.

#2: Hair wash: As you are wearing hair extension now, you just cannot use any random hair care product. You are required to make use of high-quality and gentle shampoo which do not cause any harm to your artificial hair. Mild shampoos does not cause hair fall from the hair extension before its expiry date. For better suggestion, you can consult your hair expert.

#3: Drying: Drying is an essential part of hair extension care because you just cannot keep your extension wet for longer span of time. Right after washing, squeeze out excess water from it and then use towel to dry the bonding points. It is not advisable to use a blower or dryer; it will cause hair damage or degrade the hair quality.

#4: Detangling: You just cannot keep your hair extensions tangled! Before storing it you should gently detangled. Otherwise, next time when you wear them, it will look awfully bad.

#5: Brushing: If you have a hair brush in your hair extension maintenance kit, use that brush to comb your hair at least twice a day. Brush hair once in the morning, and once in the evening before you go to bed. This will prevent tangling and provide a smooth look to your hair.

#6: Avoid pools: The chlorinated water is not good for the health of hair extension’s hair. It will steal all shine and shine of hair and your hair will be hard as well as dull. In short, they will not look good at all.

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