Watery eye: Is it eye allergy?

Watery eye: Is it eye allergy?

In some cases eye allergy is hereditary, but most of the time the allergies happen due to exaggerated response of the immune system to the particulates present in the environment. However, eye allergy treatment is also easily available.

What causes eye allergy?

Many eye irritating allergens are present in the air and when these allergens come in contact with nose and eye, they produce an allergic response. When an allergic reaction takes place the eyes may overreact and shows off symptoms like tears, itching, redness and stickiness. A few very widespread allergens are pet dander, pollen grains, mold, and dust particles.

Few cosmetics, drugs, bee stings and food stuffs can also be considered as eye allergens. They do not cause direct effect on the eye like airborne eye allergens, but they also lend a hand to allergy to irritate the eye. Some people with sensitive and delicate built up are even allergic to eye drops, which include preservatives. In the case, when you find yourself allergic to preservative added eye drops, try to use preservative free eye drops.

General treatment method of Eye Allergy

  1. Escaping: This is the basic treatment to get rid of eye allergy or any other kind of infection. Try to avoid contact with elements which cause eye allergy. You can do it by keeping your house and surrounding clean. You can do it by keeping your pet away from furniture and keeping your house dust free and when you head out of your house always wear your glares.
  2. Medication: If avoiding the allergens is not working for you, then medication is the only way left for you. Consult an eye specialist doctor and take the prescribed medicine on time to avoid any kind of serious eye infection. Many eye drops are available which can help you to get relief from various eye allergy symptoms. But do not choose any eye drop, according to your wish, only use the eye drop prescribed by the doctor.

These are few things which if you keep in your mind can surely help you to get rid of eye allergy and if not get rid of totally, they might help you to minimize the effect of the allergy.

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