4 Cooking Range Repairs You Can Do Yourself

4 Cooking Range Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Ovens and cooking range appliances usually operate in a simple manner. That is why these appliances are usually easy to repair by the homeowners themselves. Here is how you can do the cooking range and cooktops repair by yourself.

Easy Disassembly

Cooking range appliances are designed for easy disassembly. Here are some steps that you can repeat after us to disassemble these appliances easily.

  1. You can pull off the control knobs and take out the screws holding these appliances together pretty easily with the help of the right screwdriver. While some friction-fit knobs can be easily pulled off, some might actually have screws keeping them in place, so you’ll have to act accordingly to pull them off.
  2. There would be layers of panels you’ll have to remove in order to reach the inside of your appliance. First of all, you can start from the outer decorative panel, and gradually make your way in by taking out all the mounting screws one by one.
  3. Removing the upper part of your cooking range will give you access to the burner unit placed inside the appliance. Unlocking the latch of the hinges will enable you to pull the door off as well.
  4. You won’t have to take away all of the screws if you only have a small thing, like a light burned out. In this particular case, you’ll need to remove only the concerned screws that’ll help you reach the bulb that needs to be replaced. You can see the information mentioned on that bulb to buy a new one and replace the burned out one. Screw everything together as soon as the bulb is replaced, and you’d be good to go.
  5. Replacing a burned out oven light is probably the easiest thing in this list. You’ll just have to unscrew it and replace it with a bulb of resembling wattage.

Door Gasket Replacement

A faulty door gasket can be the reason why your oven isn’t heating enough. You can easily test it by passing your hand from near the door when the oven is working and heated up. By this, you’ll be able to easily feel the place from where the heat is leaking out. If this is the issue with your oven, then you should buy a gasket made specifically to work with your range and replace the older one with it.

There can actually be two ways to replace the broken gasket. Some ovens have friction-fit gaskets that you can replace without any substantial tool usage. Some ovens also happen to have their gasket switched between the outer and inner part of the oven door. You don’t need to replace the second type of gasket by yourself. Instead, call an expert to get professional help.

Cleaning the Burners

The burners inside the cooking range are the most abused parts. Usually, they can get clogged due to the spillage of food on them. This can literally block the gas flow and prevent ignition in the oven. In this situation, you’ll have to follow the below mentioned steps in order to recover the normal functioning of burners.

  • Cut both the gas and electricity supply of your burner before starting the process for safety. After this, you can take out the burners.
  • After taking the burner out, you can clean it with the help of a common detergent and/or soap solution.
  • You can put the burner back in once it’s completely dry. Open the gas and electric supply after this to continue using your oven normally.

Oven Timer Replacement

The timer of your gas oven and cooking range is actually a very important part that you should never try to repair by yourself. But you can take out the timer by yourself in order to take it to a repair shop. Follow these tips to take out the timer from your cooking range.

  • Remove the screws of the back service panel to the control panel. Release the clips holding it in place.
  • Pushing the timer forward should be enough to release it.
  • Disconnect any wires that might be connecting the timer with the rest of the appliance. Usually, good cleaning of the burned parts of the timer does the trick.
  • If the timer is broken, you can replace it, or if it is just faulty, you can try to get it repaired.

Moreover, if there are any issues you can’t figure out, it’s best to contact an appliance repair Northern VA service to handle it.

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