6 Kitchen Materials That Expert Remodelers Never Use

6 Kitchen Materials That Expert Remodelers Never Use

Kitchen remodeling is a great project but there are some materials which quartz countertop contractors and kitchen remodelers usually resist to use. It is obviously because of some technical reasons as these professionals have better knowledge of all possible outcomes. Let’s check out a few of those materials.

Vinyl Flooring

Although it is considered as a very reasonable material for an upgraded and stylish look of your kitchen in a very less amount of money but it is not this much long lasting. Obviously you cannot upgrade your kitchen flooring every year while vinyl flooring may begin deteriorating within a year in most of the cases reported. It is very much susceptible to moisture and may become pale in color or soiled over time. Also, a small leak from dishwasher may cause bubbling in material which is not repairable as well. Stone or tile flooring is best for kitchen.

Matte Paint

Matte paint gives a very rich and classy look but you should know it is not made for kitchens due to durability issues. There are two factors; it is not this much heat resistant as it should be for a place like kitchens and secondly you cannot wipe off any stains properly to prevent damage. Both of these factors are always there in every kitchen where cooking causes heat in the room and staining is a regular thing there. Kitchen paint should be stable, heat resistant and stain resistant so you can easily wipe off anything you spilled or splattered mistakenly.

Plastic Laminate Counters

These counters are thin and dull and considered as an entry level laminate counters which are also very inexpensive in price as well. So, naturally it doesn’t give those results as given by high notch laminate counters having rich textures and longer durability. Plastic laminate counters are not scratch resistant at all plus if you mistakenly put a hot pan on surface directly, you are going to face a disastrous melted counter having no chances of repair too. And also, if the underneath product gets wet due to any reason, your countertop is very likely to get delaminated which means that the edges will chip out quite easily.

Inexpensive Thermofoil

Though thermofoil is a good alternative to wooden cabinet doors but the inexpensive thermofoil available at cheap prices should not be used as an alternative. Thermofoils are made of heated vinyl which is molded over an engineered wood producing a smooth surface of cabinet doors. However, cheap thermofoils are not heat resistant and can easily delaminate especially if it is placed near or next to the dishwasher. It gets pale in color and won’t hold up well over time as wood used underneath the thermofoil is of very poor quality. But since the technology is developing very fast, it is expected to remove all these factors with still having very reasonable prices so you may easily enjoy a stylish kitchen.

Latest Backsplash Materials

Fashion is good to follow but it should be done wisely when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. Trends of having bright and loud colors may be there for some time but you cannot upgrade your kitchen the very next year if it doesn’t suit the latest fashion trends anymore. Backsplash materials like glass, high relief décor tiles, metal, and so on definitely look very tempting to get in your kitchen but it may not be that durable plus it may cost you a lot of money as well. Also, the color combination may take a U-turn too after a year or two so you cannot do that all over again in such a short span of time. So, it is good to follow classy styles for remodeling projects like tile flooring and plants for decor, especially when it is about your kitchen.


Not everyone likes to have carpet in their kitchens but some people really prefer to have it in their kitchens. It is because maybe their floor gets too cold in winter plus the carpet gives relief to feet if spent a lot of time in the kitchen standing and cooking meals. But they should also focus on a factor of cleaning which is not easy with carpeted kitchens due to regular spilling and splattering of things there. Granite installers Rockville and kitchen remodelers recommend using heater flooring or wood flooring as a better alternative carpets.

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