A few game changing products that got better over time

A few game changing products that got better over time

Makeover of the makeup

Looking beautiful has come a long way in the last two decades. Before makeup and hair styling equipments were a little bit difficult to deal with but now it almost seems impossible to imagine a life without such products. Here are a few noteworthy skin, makeup and hair styling innovations that paved the path for today’s you must-have these products in your beauty kit. It will make you think how far the hair and makeup industry has gone in the past decade just have a glance over the amazing changes.

Beauty products that “really changed” with time

Given below are the beauty, hair care products which have transformed from you should have to, you must have these products for almost every girl alive on the planet earth. Just have a look at these amazing changes in the given products during the past decades.

  1. The Blurring products:

Before: In the year 1997 a silica based balm machine was launched which used to blur away the fine lines and soften the skin

Now: And now in the market are available, blurring primers which help you to hide the wrinkles, skin pores and also soften your skin.

  1. Keratin treatment:

Before: This was like a dream come true for the girls with curly hairs, the rejoiced the hair straightening when the Brazilian blowout was introduced in the salons. This hair straightening was done using formaldehyde.

Now: Now a day the hair straightening is formaldehyde free. It can be even done at home. And along with the DIY profit this also provides you with soft and silky hairs for a couple of days.

  1. The hair dye:

Before: For many years the permanent hair dye was depended on ammonia to stay stuck on the hairs for long time period.

Now: A revolutionary salon permanent hair dye was launched in the market, which delivered with the long lasting hair color without using ammonia.

  1. Lipstick:

Before: In the year 1994 a lipstick was launched with used to stay stuck on the lips through the dessert. It used to take 60 seconds to set up.

Now: The revolutionary 9 to 5 long lasting lipstick of today come in a wide range of shades and do not take more than a microsecond to setup.

  1. Hair removal:

Before: The hair removal with the hot wax was really not an easy task during the old days.

Now: The hair removal gels and creams have made the hair removal a really fuss free and fun work to do.

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