How can the regular chimney inspection help in proper chimney relining?

How can the regular chimney inspection help in proper chimney relining?

Chimney relining is the most practical and cost effective way of repairing the damaged and the deteriorated chimney. The liner of the chimney is used to protect the masonry chimney from the wear and tear. It is moisture which can cause the wear and tear or corrode the mortar, brick liners and the clay. Moisture on reacting with the exhaust gases will form acid, powerful enough to eat away the chimney. It may even collect or seep into the cracks, causing further damage. It is true that the fireplace offers great warmth and comfort to the entire family but it may be dangerous if not well kept. You can take up chimney inspection to rid the problem.

What are the common reasons for fire hazards?

Some of the common issues associated with the chimney include crack in the chimney lining, deterioration in the mortar and the creosote buildup which can potentially cause the fire breakout. Such problems in the chimney may be hidden from your causal glance but they may be dangerous. A thorough inspection by the chimney expert can reveal the problem. With the prompt repair service, the fireplace will be restored back to the original state.

What is chimney inspection?

Each homeowner must take up chimney inspection services. It is actually a simple and non-invasive visual assessment of the various elements of the flue system and the fireplace. You should take up the inspection work as the part of the cleaning services. Any kind of problem in the crown, brick, mortar, flue will be inspected. If needed, there will be video inspection as well to trace any problem hidden from the eyes. It is great to address the problem immediately when they are detected.

What is chimney re-pointing and repair?

When the mortar of the chimney erodes, it requires chimney repointing. The mortar holds the bricks together like the glue. Hence, when the mortar tends to deteriorate, the bricks cannot be held together. It is only the repointing work which can ensure that the bricks and the chimney structure stays intact and in the perfect structure. The professional will replace the broken or missing bricks to ensure that the chimney is in proper condition. Brick repair and the mortar repointing will maintain the aesthetic appeal of the chimney.

If you think that the fireplace is damaged and is not in proper state, take up chimney inspection and chimney relining services. The damaged fireplace can cause safety and structural risk.

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