All you need to know about Asthma

All you need to know about Asthma

In this article I am planning to give an overview of the disease asthma and the details how an asthma doctor can help you to manage its symptoms without much difficulty. Asthma is a chronic disease related to the lungs and wind pipe. As a result of inflammation in the lung pipe it is narrowed and passage of air is obstructed causing difficulty and wheezing sound while breathing. People of all ages are affected by asthma, and it starts during early childhood days.

Proper and timely treatment to asthma patients is unavoidable; otherwise it can be fatal also. If proper treatment is obtained form an asthma clinic, asthma patients can manage the symptoms and lead a normal life.

People at risk of asthma

Asthma starts in the early childhood days. Children who suffer from respiration problems are at great risk of asthma.  Parents who are asthma patients can have children with asthma.  Compared to girls boys have been found to be at higher risk of asthma. But as they grow up in childhood this trend changes to girls and they are found to be large in number. Industrial workers are also severely prone to asthma. The chemicals and other irritants in industrial area can trigger asthma in such people. This type of asthma is known as occupational asthma.

Causes of asthma

  • Genetic causes: Children born to parents who have asthma are at a great risk of this disease.
  • Respiratory infections that occur during childhood are a prominent cause for the development of asthma.
  • Airborne allergens are found to have great effect in inducing asthma in potential candidates.

Symptoms of asthma

Simple steps to prevent asthma

  • Understand what is asthma and thereby empower yourself
  • Make an asthma action plan and follow it strictly
  • Follow the medicine regime suggested by your asthma doctor
  • Identify your asthma triggers and try to avoid them
  • Make a documentation about your asthma’s progression
  • Conduct regular visits to asthma clinic


  • Medication: Right medication can be prescribed by your asthma doctor after knowing the age and symptoms of the patient.  Preventive long term medications are better than quick relief inhalers supplied by every asthma clinic md. Long medications are taken on daily basis and it keeps your asthma under control and save you from the trouble of an asthma attack.
  • Inhalable cortisones: Anti-inflammatory drugs like fluticasone, Onmaris, beclomethasone etc. are found to be very useful in containing asthma and related proble It may be required to use these medicines for a long time to obtain best results.
  • Long acting beta agonists: These inhalable medications include salmeterol, formoterol etc. are good for opening the blocked airways.
  • Allergy shots: Immunotherapy is the other name for allergy shots. In this treatment the asthma doctor injects small amount of allergens into patient’s blood and they are increased regularly in a controlled manner.

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