Can I Color Hair After Getting Keratin Treatment

Can I Color Hair After Getting Keratin Treatment

An urge for coloring your hair never dies. Many people wonder if they can color their hair after getting their hair straightened from a Brazilian keratin salon. Here’s an answer that is likely to sort out their confusion!

Wait At Least This Long – At the Least! Pretty Please?

Usually you are suggested to get your hair colored before you get them straight and silky. If you ever get a choice, you should put coloring at first and straightening at second. Do you want to know why? It’s because colored strands can be easily straightened but permanently or semi-permanently straightened locks are not easy to be colored or bleached. Being considerate of this fact, you should wait for at least two weeks after a keratin treatment done to your hair. In case you refuse to wait this long, you’re likely to ruin yourself. If you are lucky enough to not catch any damage, you will still not get the best results.

How About Getting A Color and Keratin Consecutively?

It is not a great idea to have your hair colored later on. In case, you feel you would be tired of waiting for a couple of weeks, you should be getting your hair colored right before your keratin therapy. How about getting your hair colored 24 hours before the keratin treatment? It would have absolutely no impact on your up and coming hair straightening treatment and your hair would also be colored. Doesn’t it sound easy-peasy lemon squeezy?

Get an appointment for your keratin treatment and try and seduce your colorist to give you an appointment right before a day. Bribe your colorist, please him with his favorite present, hand him over with free vouchers of his utmost favorite eatery — do whatever it takes to get your appointment fixed with your colorist at your favorite time. Just be at it!

What Will Happen If You Color Your Hair Within Two Weeks of Keratin Treatment?

Consequences can be really dangerous if you choose to do so. There’s a reason for which the stylists warn people with keratin newly infused in their hair to steer clear of coloring and highlighting for at least two weeks. If you ever are careless enough to ignore the warnings given by people with expert opinion, you’d be the only one bearing the loss. Here’s what your hair might receive if you get coloring done to your keratin-treated hair:

Your hair would start breaking apart from the roots. A major hair loss could be witnessed in no time. When the life in your hair would be sucked into, they would leave their place. And, you may be at the verge of getting semi bald.

Your hair might face a severe discoloration. The original color of your hair might begin to faint. Instead of getting a new color, you might just lose the grip of your very natural hair color. Several cases of worst discoloration have been reported in the past, and it’s no plain hearsay.

It could also result in thorough brassiness. A quick coloring treatment can totally ruin the results you achieved with keratin treatment. Your hair can get as brassy as you could ever imagine. Your hair’s natural tendency to shimmer and shine can die forever.

Busting the Myths

Some people would literally scare the daylights out of you saying that you should get coloring first and keratin later, as if it is some thumb rule. Don’t believe such people. Well and good, if you get your hair colored before getting them keratin-treated. But, there’s no harm in putting the coloring idea second. There’s a short span of two weeks that you have to surpass and you’re all good to have your hair balayage’d or highlighted. It is perfectly safe to color your hair after getting a keratin treatment — clear of all harms.

Spend the span of these two weeks with peace and get the coloring thing done without any frowns. In case, you break this time limit and try to get it done earlier than 14 days, you will be in ruins, so to say.

So, know what you need when visiting hair straightening salons Potomac or ask for help from the hair stylist because if you don’t and things turn out bad, it can make you live with deep remorse.

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