When does tree removal become necessary?

When does tree removal become necessary?

Trees provide shade, keep air clean, increase the property value and provide aesthetic view. To decide when to remove a tree, one needs to ask a few questions to themselves.

Is the tree healthy? If a tree is almost damaged or has abnormal growth, then the tree needs to be removed.

Is it a desirable species of wood? Trees like Siberian Elm, Mulberry, Poplar, Silver Maple, Willows are undesirable trees because they are prone to breakage, have shallow roots that can damage pavement and lawns, and easily succumb to diseases.

Is the tree leaning or under the power lines? If tree is leaning more than 15% of its vertical height, then probably it has weak roots. Trees growing under the power lines should not be more than 25ft in height. Consider thinning out before deciding to remove it.

Is the trunk of the tree damaged? Cracks, dead branch stubs, wounds can lead to internal decay. If there has been severe damage to the trunk, it is best to remove the tree. If the trunk damage is less than 25%, then wait for the wound to heal.

Is the tree hollow? There are lot of trees that are hollow and can survive for a longer period. Reason: the living tissues, xylem and phloem, are found on the outer layer of the trunk. But if 1/3rd of trunk’s interior is hollow, then it needs to be removed.

Do i see a lot of dead branches? Dead branches can damage property or fall on people. If just 25% of branches are damaged, then there is no need to cut the tree. If the tree is young and you find crossed branches, narrow angled branches that can cause the tree to split, it is best to remove. If you find dead branches on one side of the tree, it could be because of trunk damage. This tree needs to be removed immediately.

Are there small shoots growing from the trunk? These shoots are the result of stress like wound caused during construction or renovation, over exposure to the sun, etc.

Is fungus growing on the tree? Not all mushrooms growing at the base of the tree are connected with root diseases, but if you spot fungi growth on the tree, then it means that the root is getting decayed.

Is there enough space for growth of the tree? Large trees should be 20ft away from the house and smaller trees like dogwood, about 6 ft from the house.

To know more about the health and safety of your tree, hire a tree removal company who will tell you if it is necessary to remove the tree.

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