Tulips, historic towns and sandy beaches

Tulips, historic towns and sandy beaches

If you want to visit Europe, you might think of a hotel in the Netherlands or Belgium with the European Parliament in Brussels. By plane you arive in Amsterdam or Brussels. If you like a beach holiday, choose the holiday region of Zeeland. This popular destination is in the South of Holland, between Amsterdam and The Hague at one side and the Belgian attractions Gent and Bruges at the other side of the border.

With a car you could rent at the airport you start from your hotel in Zeeland and can follow along the Dutch and Belgian coast. In the spring many foreign tourists visit ‘Keukenhof’, gardens with oceans of tulip fields. Amsterdam is about two hours by car and easily accessible by a day tour by train. You wake up from your hotel, take the train from one of the stations in Zeeland and travel back at night. So you can walk through Amsterdam more than eight hours. The central location of the Amsterdam station is in the center.
Residents of the holiday region Zeeland themselves often visit Belgium. At the border the most southern ambience seamlessly changes from one to the other. You taste the Burgundian Belgian atmosphere also in the Zeeland towns Hulst and Sluis.

Zeeland itself lies below sea level. Zeeland itself lies below sea level. Centuries ago, the land was regularly flooded. Polders and waterworks were built. Now the Netherlands is famous for its waterworks and as a tourist you can visit museum that tell you more about this history. Many people book their hotel in Zeeland thanks to these water works. They bike across the Oosterschelde Barrier that keeps seawater out and spend part of the holiday on sandy beaches. Most summer guests come from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the number of Polish and French tourists increases. From these European countries most families stay at campings or holiday bungalows. The main tourist attraction is the beach. The region has a coastline of over 100 kilometers. Zeeland Delta region of the river Scheldt and the Rhine. The area consists of a former islands peninsulas. Formerly connected by ferry, by now bridges and tunnels. Water sports are popular. Visitors swim in open water. Windsurfing is popular and there are many marinas. But.., most people are attracted to the beautiful sandy beaches.

In a typical Zeeland vacation on the beach when the weather is good and visit one of the historic small towns or villages when the sun disappears behind the clouds. Because this part of the Netherlands is completely flat you do so, of course, on the bike.

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