Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery-The best treatment for shoulder pain

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery-The best treatment for shoulder pain

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery is a surgical procedure in which the doctors use a small camera and insert it into the shoulder joints by the help of a minimal cut on the skin. With the help of this camera, the doctors can see the images on a big television screen and diagnose the problems in the joints of your shoulder. They can also repair the problems in the joint with the help of small surgical instruments by seeing the images on the screen.

As the arthroscope or the camera and instruments used in the surgery are thin, a small cut is made. Hence, this causes less pain and also takes shorter healing time and thus the patient can return back to their regular and normal activities sooner.

When does the doctor recommend Arthroscopic surgery?

Many parts of your body can get affected by shoulder pain. The ligaments and nerves surrounding the affected area can become painful and stiff. Moreover, one may undergo hip or shoulder pain or a pain in the breastbones. It can also cause severe heart problems. The inflammation can cause trouble to the lungs. The patients who are suffering from this disease face acute pain, stiffness and many other shoulder discomforts. In this kind of scenarios, the doctor may suggest surgery according to the patient’s condition.

Care after the surgery

As it is a day care procedure, the patient can return home on the day of surgery itself. There are some special things which are to be taken care when the patient returns home after the surgery.

The immobility of the shoulder– The shoulder can be moved only as much as the patient is allowed and will depend on the amount of surgery done. A sling or a brace must be used to hold the shoulder so that it can get good support.

The care of the Incision- The small cut or the incision should be kept dry. The light dressing should be done for few days. The doctor should be called if the bleeding does not stop even after 24 hours of the surgery.

Ice pack- Ice pack is recommended by the Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery doctor in woodbridge in order to control the pain and the swelling. Putting the ice in an ice bag and place it on the skin for about 20 minutes for four times every day helps to reduce the pain effectively.

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery doctor should be visited on a regular basis for a checkup after the surgery is completed.

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